Work Programme

The principal research themes are:

1. Health Service Reforms and Multidisciplinary Health Care Practice

There is an immediate need for research to support and reflect the new approach to collaborative health service provision in Ireland. This work is agreed and implemented in collaboration with a local network of interested multidisciplinary teams. The aim is to further the mutual goal of integrated high-quality care for patients.

2. Effective Chronic Disease Management Involving a Multidisciplinary Approach

The management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease is widely acknowledged as a priority research area both nationally and internationally. The Centre promotes models of effective chronic disease management in the Irish health care system by carrying out collaborative research studies in this area.

3. Evaluation of Health Care Innovations

Ongoing high quality evaluation of regional health care innovations forms part of the daily work of the Centre, responding to the expressed needs of local health service providers for the evaluation of particular services.

4. Translation of Research into Achieving Optimal Health Gain

This theme reflects an explicit commitment to the translation of research findings into actual service delivery. The participation of service users is a key feature of this work, which is intended to support the provision of best available care to local communities through the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practice.